Help / FAQs

Over the coming weeks we'll be answering all your questions in our FAQ section.

In the meantime we've created a short overview of how the site works and what you can do get started. Click here to view the "How does it work" page.

How it works

To begin with just collect your favourite 16Brands and create a BrandBadge. You can then invite your friends to join 16Brands and you can share your own BrandBadge on your favourite Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. Before you know it your friends will have created their own BrandBadges and you'll have opened a giant can of brand discovery.

Our testers and early adopters have found it difficult to find their first 16 Brands but once they reach say 25 Brands they find it even more difficult to narrow down all the brands they love to their favourite 16. This is where it really starts to become entertaining and where the conversations about which brand is best opens up with your friends.

And remember 16Brands it's just about you loving brands. On 16Brands we let them love you back. You'll get the latest news plus special offers and discounts as well as a big brand hug just to say thank-you.

Our goal is to connect people by the brands they love and to create a space where great small brands can become great big brands. It's a place to celebrate Brands and to celebrate the people that breathe life into them. It's a place to reward originality and it's a place where creativity will be rewarded with followers and loyal brand fans.